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An essential online resource for renal healthcare professionals and patients living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). This interactive site features a wealth of information about kidney disease and treatment options, and offers visitors a variety of educational tools. Patients should see their doctor to discuss their health condition.  

PD may be the right treatment for you if you work, study, or travel regularly and if it suits your lifestyle and medical and physical condition.

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Benefits of PD

PD at home increases flexibility, freedom, and independence while on dialysis. It can save you frequent trips to the hospital or clinic.

How pd works

How PD works

Learn how PD works.

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Preparing and Performing PD treatments

Familiarize yourself with the daily process: from preparation, to hand washing, to connection and disconnection.

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Living well on PD

Gain more control over your life with information on managing PD, including details on fluid management, exit-site care, and home delivery services.

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What is chronic kidney disease (CKD) and how is it treated?

Increase your understanding of CKD. Learn how to manage your life with CKD. Work with your healthcare team and review CKD treatment options and the different types of dialysis.

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Learn about race and kidney disease

It’s important to know the facts. CKD affects some ethnic groups in different ways. We have therefore dedicated resources to help those who are differently and more frequently affected.

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Knowledge Resources for your CKD/ESKD journey

Whether you’re looking into the different types of dialysis, starting PD, or already on PD, we have resources for you.

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Get support for your kidney disease

Discover organizations that help people with kidney disease and their loved ones, whether you are seeking information, tools, or just someone to talk to.

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Treatment options

Learn about the treatment options that are available to you if you have reached Stage 5 CKD.

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Kidney transplant information

Find information and resources on kidney transplant, a major surgery where a healthy donor kidney is placed into your body.

Learn more about PD and Baxter

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Welcome kit

A digital kit specifically designed to help answer your questions and provide helpful resources to empower you throughout your PD journey.

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My Baxter

This is your personal PD management tool. Manage your PD supplies, delivery schedules, and much more.

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Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering your PD supplies is easy with Baxter’s online tools. It allows freedom and flexibility in managing your dialysis supplies.