Knowledge Resources for your CKD/ESKD journey

Wherever you are in your CKD journey, we have several resources for you.

There is a wealth of educational information throughout this interactive site, and this specific web page allows you to access tools with this information that you can download and print (or watch again, if it is a video). It is all organized according to where you are in your journey.

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I may need dialysis

Resources with information about dialysis treatment options and transplantation

I just started peritoneal dialysis (PD)

Resources covering the things to know about PD

I’m already on peritoneal dialysis (PD)

Resources for your PD routine

Other pages you may be interested in!

Get support

Get support for your kidney disease

Discover organizations that help people with kidney disease and their loved ones, whether you are seeking information, tools, or just someone to talk to.

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Kidney transplantation

A kidney transplant is an option that requires a major operation. During a transplant, a healthy donor kidney is placed into your body. The healthy kidney then takes over the work that your kidneys can no longer do.