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Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use the MyBaxter Patient Portal!


Learning to use MyBaxter

MyBaxter is powerful, yet simple! To learn how to use the MyBaxter Patient Portal, watch the short video above or check out the Getting Started PDF guide below.

HomeCare Services


Baxter will automatically register you for MyBaxter if your nurse provided your email address. If you are not registered or are unsure if you’re registered, fill out the registration form in the link below. You can also check out the Getting Started PDF guide below for help with the registration process.


MyBaxter and Mobile Ordering

You can use both of Baxter’s online tools. For example, you can use Mobile Ordering to place your order and then use MyBaxter to check your calendar. Take a look at this chart to learn what you can do with MyBaxter and Mobile Ordering.

Delivery window notification

Seamless accessibility

You can also use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to take advantage of MyBaxter. And you can place your order up until midnight on your order due date!

Home Patient Inventory Form

Home Patient Inventory Form

Filling out the Home Patient Inventory Form is recommended before you place your order.

myBaxter more details

More details

For more details on managing your peritoneal dialysis (PD) supplies at home, please review the following brochure:

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Welcome kit

A digital kit specifically designed to help answer your questions and provide helpful resources to empower you throughout your PD journey.

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Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering your PD supplies is easy with Baxter’s online tools. It allows freedom and flexibility in managing your dialysis supplies.